Sunday, January 24, 2010

What does a yo-yo, bubble gum, scotch tape and Pez have in common???

When I was a kid, I remember when we got our first color TV (am I dating myself...or what?).  The whole family sat on the sofa as we Ohhhh'd and Ahhhh'd at the vibrant colors dancing across the RCA screen.  I think we were watching Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea or Sea Hunt...something like that.  The ocean water was incredibly blue. back to the question.  What does a yo-yo, bubble gum, scotch tape and Pez have in common?  My Grandfather...well sort of.

Actually they were all invented during a period of his life.  My genealogy software of choice is Legacy Family Tree, and it has the option of including inventions in a chronology of the person's life.  I have fun with this.  It's always interesting to see what inventions your ancestor may have seen or experienced.  What they may have Ohhhh'd and Ahhhh'd over.

From the Chronology tab, click on "Options."  In the Chronology  Options box (the Include tab) click on the "Select Background Timelines" box at the bottom.  Click "Add a Timeline" and you will get a list of timelines you can include (such as Wars, Presidents, Organization of States, etc).  Select "Inventions."  It's that simple.  Now your chronology view has inventions plugged into it.

The screenshot above shows what was invented when my Grandfather was 19 to 27 years old.  So what was invented during your ancestors' lifetime?  You will be surprised.

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