Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Breaking up is very hard to do...

I'm planning on kicking my computer to the curb...well...actually, I'm kicking it to my husband (the computer  that is) and he's kicking his computer to the curb.  It's about time that I replace my desktop, and so begins the task of making sure all my essential programs get installed on the new beast.  So what are my essentials?  Here they are (in no particular order):
Of course, I have to backup my contacts and favorites, and install the software for my printers, and scanner.  See what I mean...breaking up (with your computer) is very hard to do.  But then I think of the one I'm planning to buy...8GB ram, 1T hard drive, etc., etc.  Maybe breaking up isn't so hard after all!

Hmmmm...have I forgotten anything?  I'll have to double and triple check my list.  Anyone out there have any "essential" software?  What are your must haves?


Thomas MacEntee said...

There are some tech tools I highly recommend:

AVG Free Anti Virus
MRU Blaster (to keep your "back end" clean)
CCleaner (another great cleaning tool)
Evernote (lets you capture almost anything in notebooks)
Dropbox (up to 2GB free data synched to more than one computer)

I could not live without these!

Family Attic said...

Tom...thanks for reminding me that I left all my anti-virus, firewall and spyware programs off the list.

OK...this is why I knew I would have to double and triple check things. Thanks again!