Friday, January 22, 2010

Second Life chat provides Real Life benefits...

Last night I attended a genealogy chat in Second Life (SL) hosted by Genie Weezles (pictured here in front of the whiteboard and used with her permission).

The topic was "sharing."  Genie did a wonderful job introducing us to various ways to share our genealogy.  I've already implemented some of her recommendations...there is now a "Share This" button on my blog posts.  This allows readers to share a posting in various ways (e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, etc).

Another topic in the chat was Delicious - a social bookmarking site.   It allows you to have access to your bookmarks/favorites no matter what computer you're on and search/view the non-private bookmarks of other users.  I've set up my Delicious account...very, very nice.

Also discussed was Stumble Upon, Su.Pr, Flickr, Picasa, and Transfer Big Files.  There was so much useful information in this chat.  I'm still setting up accounts, and trying out the things we were shown.

If you haven't checked out Second're really missing out.  There are some very knowledgable genealogists willing to share, help and host chats like this one. 

Hoping to see you in SL :-)

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