Thursday, August 05, 2010

Treasure Chest Thursday

My husband's great grandfather, William Albert Downey, owned a cabinet shop/furniture shop in Decatur, Illinois. He had been a carpenter most of his life.  We have a photo of him in his shop.
William Albert Downey - Downey Furniture Shop
We also have a blank receipt from his business.  It shows the address as 2177 North Church St., Decatur, Illinois.
Downey's Cabinet Shop - Receipt
But even more imporant than these items is the piece of furniture we have that was made by William Albert Downey.  It's a wash stand.  It actually has a mirror to go with it, but when we inherited it the mirror was in really bad shape and was being refinished.   Unfortunately it's still in the same condition :-)
Wash Stand Built by William Albert Downey

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Rebecca Dean Ringgold said...

I love your post. I know you are so proud to have such a lovely piece of furniture made by your ancestor.