Monday, April 05, 2010

From DDDs to remarks...did I miss something important???

The Genealogy Insider blog had a posting today about DDD schedules.  I'll be honest...I hadn't heard of the DDD schedules or paid attention to column 15 of the 1880 census.  Perhaps that was because I didn't have any ancestors that had a notation in that column, but I had to be sure I hadn't missed anything.  So I set about to check various ancestors, and while I didn't find any ddd's, I did notice something that had escaped my initial research...the census takers "remarks."  Here is a portion of the page I was viewing.  The enumerater made several comments at the bottom of the page.  
None of these were my family, but what if they had been? I might have missed them completely.  So now, besides looking for ddd's, I also have to look at the end of township enumerations for any "remarks" I missed. OK...I must go now and get busy.