Monday, April 05, 2010

From DDDs to remarks...did I miss something important???

The Genealogy Insider blog had a posting today about DDD schedules.  I'll be honest...I hadn't heard of the DDD schedules or paid attention to column 15 of the 1880 census.  Perhaps that was because I didn't have any ancestors that had a notation in that column, but I had to be sure I hadn't missed anything.  So I set about to check various ancestors, and while I didn't find any ddd's, I did notice something that had escaped my initial research...the census takers "remarks."  Here is a portion of the page I was viewing.  The enumerater made several comments at the bottom of the page.  
None of these were my family, but what if they had been? I might have missed them completely.  So now, besides looking for ddd's, I also have to look at the end of township enumerations for any "remarks" I missed. OK...I must go now and get busy.


A rootdigger said...

I have been searching original documents for street addresses so I can get it fixed in my minds eye and well for street view sometime, if I want. It would be nice to be able to see more of state census too, etc.
We need to see those original copies.
It's so important.
Thanks for getting that point out there. jo

Terri said...

I have awarded you the "Ancestor Approved Award" for your great blog. You can pick up your award on my blog - The Ties That Bind. Terri

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