Tuesday, August 04, 2009

What else do you see????

I was looking through some family photo albums at my Mom's this weekend. I'm not talking about professional portrait pictures...I'm talking about those goofy snapshots we take at various events.

I don't remember what it was, but something prompted me to get a magnifying glass to see something in one of the photos. Well - that started me looking at almost all the photos with a magnifying glass. It was amazing what you see.

I generally look at the people in a photo, but rarely look at the background in much detail. It was a walk down memory lane. Like in this photo of my Dad (taken in the early 50's). Up on a shelf is the cookie jar my grandparents always had. I had completely forgotten anything about this cookie jar - until I saw it. All of a sudden I remembered seeing that goofy cookie jar in their home.

I had a great time looking at the background items in photos. What pictures were on the walls, what magazines on the table, what decorative elements. In this same photo I noticed my Dad is wearing a ring. I don't remember ever seeing him wear a ring. Even my Mom had forgotten.

Take a magnifying glass to your old photos...and see what you see!

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heather.matthews said...

Hi Diane,

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