Sunday, April 05, 2009

A rose by any other name...

Can anyone tell me why my great grandmother's name is Margretta in everything I can find (including in her own handwriting in her life's story), but her obituary (from the 4 Apr 1961 issue of the San Mateo Times newspaper) gives her name as Henrietta? I'm guessing it was just a typo on the part of the funeral home.

Margretta was cremated and her remains were shipped to Colorado for burial in the Leadville cemetery (Lake county, Colorado). I haven't been able to locate her burial location within the cemetery, and her name doesn't show up in any interment transcriptions.

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Patti Browning said...

I love the little snippet of information in Margetta's tale that explains how her parents met. It's stories like those that really make your people come alive.

I'm inclined to agree that it was either a mistake on the part of the funeral home or someone filling out forms, perhaps taking notes from a telephone conversation? They might've just heard the "-retta" part and assumed it was Henrietta because that was the only common name they could think of that matched.

Margretta herself told you her name. That settles that, in my book! :)